Drug Treatment Court Services

An intensive, court supervised drug treatment program for adults who are committing crimes to support their drug use and who want to change.

Participants are supported in accessing addiction treatment and the additional services that are needed to live a life in recovery.

Drug Treatment Court Services

  • Participants need to accept responsibility for and deal with their addictions
  • Applications must be submitted through a lawyer
  • Acceptance into Drug Treatment Court Services is based on screening by the Crown, the police, and the Treatment Team
  • Participants are closely monitored and required to provide random drug screens/tests
  • Participants receive a variety supports and services to support their change

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More information:

Who can apply for this program?
Adults who are committing crimes to support their drug use and who want to change.

How can people apply for this program?
People who are interested in Drug Treatment Court Services must complete an application form to Grande Prairie Drug Treatment Court with the assistance of a lawyer. The application form is linked below. It needs to be submitted to the Crown through a lawyer. Call us if you need help finding a lawyer who can help you submit this form. 

What is the process to be accepted into Drug Treatment Court Services?
The Crown will determine eligibility for the program based on things like criminal history, current case information, risk to re-offend, and substance abuse history.

The police are also consulted prior to acceptance to see if they have any concerns or additional information to provide.

The Drug Treatment Court Treatment Team will assess an applicant’s motivation and suitability. To be accepted, the person must be ready and willing to change.

People who have applied and who are in the screening process are expected to attend Drug Treatment Court weekly to observe.

If approved, the participant would enter a guilty plea. However, sentencing will be delayed until the participant completes all five phases of the program.

What can people expect once accepted?
Services include:

  • In-patient and out-patient addiction treatment programming
  • Weekly court appearances to speak with a justice
  • Ongoing random and regular drug testing
  • Weekly update reports and probation supervision of recognizance orders
  • Peer support, mentorship and life skills coaching
  • Psychological and therapeutic counselling services
  • Assistance with housing, employment, mental health and education supports

Each participant’s journey through Drug Treatment Court is individualized to that person’s needs.

Graduates will be sentenced to at least one year of probation.

Where is the service?
This program is offered in-person in Grande Prairie. Participants may be sent to in-patient addiction treatment in different communities but will return to Grande Prairie for the remainder of their time in the program.

If you are a potential client or care about someone who might benefit from Drug Treatment Court Services, you can find a brochure explaining the program here:

If you are a lawyer or other professional needing more information about the program, you can find a brochure here: