A 12 week group program for youth aged 12-17 who are experiencing problems at home, school and in the community due to inappropriate anger and aggression.

N’Compass youth acquire the skills to express their anger without hurting people or property by learning how to recognize their anger triggers, listen to their anger cues and choose a non-violent solution.

N’Compass Program

  • Focuses on understanding emotions and behaviors, communication, problem solving and anger management
  • Is a cognitive behavioural education program for youth
  • Referrals are accepted at any time
  • Groups run for 12 weeks and sessions are 1.5 hours long
  • 3 groups are offered yearly

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More information:

Who can access this program?
Youth aged 12-17 who are experiencing anger problems at home, school and in the community.

How can youth get into N’Compass?
N’Compass accepts referrals from families, schools, counsellors, probation and other community service providers. Youth and families can call or email using the contact information on this page and we will complete a referral form. Agencies and other referral sources can complete and send in the referral form.

What is the process to be accepted into N’Compass?
We maintain a waitlist of youth who have been referred to the program. When a group is starting, we contact parents/guardians of youth on the waitlist to arrange an intake appointment.

During intakes, we meet with youth and parents/guardians to explain the program, discuss the youth’s history and goals for attending N’Compass, and answer any questions.

What can youth and families expect once accepted?
Youth will attend a weekly N’Compass session for 12 weeks, on a weekday, typically scheduled after school. The program is facilitated by two John Howard Society staff.