Partner Safety Check

Reaches out to the partners or former partners of people who are engaged in domestic violence treatment at our agency to inquire about whether the partner or ex-partner is safe and to offer information and resources.

This approach helps to ensure that we are working with those who are or have experienced domestic violence to support safety and change in intimate relationships.

Partner Safety Check

  • The program is voluntary for partners
  • All information provided by the partner is confidential; nothing is shared with the individual who is in domestic violence treatment
  • Contact with partners is mostly by phone, text or email, but may be in person if the partner prefers
  • Services are partner-led, meaning partners decide how much they want to engage with us

Connect with the Partner Safety Check Program

More information:

Referrals to Partner Safety Check are made internally within the John Howard Society. When the domestic violence treatment client has been assessed, then the Case Manager advises the Partner Safety Check Coordinator that they have a new partner to contact.

Information provided by the partner is never shared with the domestic violence treatment client.

Partner Safety Check is voluntary for partners. When a partner responds to our call, they can choose to engage with us in discussing any of the following:

  • General information about domestic violence
  • Information about the domestic violence treatment program that their partner/former partner is attending
  • Information about what is involved in safety planning
  • Whether they would like us to arrange for Odyssey House to contact them for safety planning
  • Information about other resources in the community that can support them and their children
  • Sharing their perspective and any concerns or fears relating to risk or domestic violence dynamics
  • How to report concerns or information to enforcement agencies like police or probation