Tabono Centre

A day program for youth aged 12-17 who are not finding success in the traditional school system.

The Tabono Centre offers youth learning opportunities in six areas: life skills; social & emotional learning; health & recreation; leadership & volunteering opportunities; work and vocational; and arts & culture.

The Tabono Centre

  • Accepts referrals from anyone, including parents/guardians
  • Provides youth with alternative, strengths-based learning opportunities and a place to belong
  • Is open four days each week with scheduled programming in the afternoons
  • Includes learning opportunities in the community at a variety of locations and service providers
  • Is focused on helping youth gain the skills they need to return to school or be successful in work

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More information:

Who can access our program?
The Tabono Centre is a day program for youth aged 12-17 who are not finding success in the traditional school system. They may have been out of school for a while or be struggling to maintain their connection to school.

The Tabono Centre accepts referrals from families, schools, counsellors, probation and other community service providers. Families can call or email using the contact information on this page and we will complete a referral form, or complete the referral form found below. Agencies and other referral sources can complete and send in the referral form.

What is the process to be accepted into the Tabono Centre?
When there is an open spot for a new youth at the Tabono Centre, staff will reach out to the parents or guardians of youth who have been referred in order to schedule an intake.

During intakes, we meet with youth and parents/guardians separately to discuss the youth’s history, experiences, and goals for attending the Tabono Centre.

Based on the intake conversations, we decide if what we offer at the Tabono Centre will be a good fit for the youth.

What can youth and families expect once accepted?
The Tabono Centre offers youth learning opportunities in six key areas:

  • Life skills
  • Social & emotional learning
  • Health & recreation
  • Leadership & volunteering opportunities
  • Work and vocational
  • Arts & culture

At Tabono “the community is the classroom,” meaning that youth are out in the community learning at other agencies and locations. For example, youth spend time together at community facilities like the library and the park, and also at other organizations such as the Centre for Creative Arts, Forest School, and Grande Prairie Friendship Centre. Tabono Centre youth also contribute to the community through volunteering.

Tabono Centre is open four days a week. Youth are expected to attend afternoons and there may also be morning hours depending on youth circumstances and staffing levels.

Where is the service?
The Tabono Centre is located in Grande Prairie. Youth must be able to attend in-person.